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It's Been A Long Time...

19 MAY

It's been a long time (time) We shouldn'a left you (left you) Without a dope beat to step to (step to)... Well I have not blogged in a ... read more

Summer Loving- Spring 2011 Line-Up Prt 2

28 APR

I am starting the second round of Spring 2011 line up. I am still going strong with gosick. I was very pleased to learn that the series was 24 to26 ep... read more

It's Starting to Heat up

25 FEB

As the weather decides what it is doing my Anime is getting better with every episode. I am really enjoying Gosick. It drew me in the first few episod... read more

Quick Turn Around

10 JAN

Got excited watching Bakuman. It made me realize what types of anime I adore. l like anime that has goals and showing how the main characters are goin... read more

2011 Line-Up

10 JAN

The new seasons have started streaming in,  read a crunchy roll article with some of the top picks and I made a list of the ones I would like to ... read more