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Fairy Tail

Mar 23, 2014

So...Fairy Tail. The anime that is coming back this month, and to pay tribute to this series, I'm gonna review it. So lets not waste any time and get this show on the road....


Now here's where things are sort of interesting. It starts off with our main protagonist Lucy Heartfillia, a young, female mage looking for a guild. Upon discovering Natsu Dragneel, a fire-wielding being known as a Dragon Slayer, along with his flying-cat friend Happy, who just loves cracking jokes that tick Lucy off. In a strange turn of events, Lucy finds out that Natsu is part of the Fairy Tail guild, which apparently is very popular. That's basically the beginning, cause there's a bunch of different plots, and surprisingly they all flow very well. If you want a main plot, it basically amounts to Natsu wanting to find a dragon named Igneel, who taught him how to use Dragon Slaying magic (Yeah, pretty ironic if you think about it) Who disappeared without warning during some 777 event (which is the day, month and year he vanished) The story cycles very smoothly and works for a series of mutiple events. The characters are all unique and likable (for the most part *cough* Sabertooth *cough*), the humour is charming and hilarious, and has a bunch of lore for fans. So yeah, very good story.


Now the animation is pretty spot on. Infact it was so good that the producers of the anime had to stop it for a breif hiatus, due to it being expensive production. But that's beside that point, each frame is smooth, there is some very sweet 3D-like effects at times, and its all so flashy during the action. The only thing I can see wrong is the use of stock footage, most notably with Natsu using his Dragon Slaying Magic. But that's just a nitpick and is easily shrugged off later on in the series. In short, nicely done.


Do I even need to explain? Every single music track in this series is memorable, and uses lots of different instruments to fit the scene its playing in. Sound effects are all superb and never feel out of place, and the voice acting is top notch, especially in the FUNimation dub. Basically, sound quality is near perfection.


With stories, there's the cast of characters, and almost every single character is likable to some degree, even the villains. Whether its for their personality, unique abilities and powers, backstory, or just something else entirely. Some of my favourites are Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Happy, Wendy, Jellal, and many more. But probably my favourite of the cast (and my favourite female animu character ever) is Erza Scarlet, who has all the traits mentioned above. What I also like is how some characters get the development they actually need. Example being Laxeus Dreyar, who starts off being the biggest jerk in the Fairy Tail guild. But during the Light Festival arc, he is more sympathetic, mature, reasonable and actually more likable. All in all, I love the character cast and they are brilliantly written.


Overall I love this series and I'm super happy to see it come back this Fall...I just hope it can recover from a shitty magic sport arc, but that's beside the point. So if your a fan of Shounen Jump anime, go watch it. My rating for this anime is a...


With a title of: One of the best Shounens ever

This has been KiwiTaku, signing off. Goodbye ladies and gentlemen...

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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