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SpectralJester01 says...

if you would like to exchange email, that way it would be easier to stay in touch. If you want that is.

Dec 2, 2010
SpectralJester01 says...

OHHH AMM SOOOOO SOORRRRRRY I've been really really busy and didn't have had the time to reply back. I hope you had a great thanksgiving ^^.

Once again I apologise for the very long delay in replying back.

Dec 2, 2010
SpectralJester01 says...

XDDDDDD, I wonder antics you and your friend got up to??? XDDD. Good luck to you and your friend on your respective courses :).

Which tv shows has caught your attention?? and what type of movies do you like??

Oct 1, 2010
SpectralJester01 says...

Sorry about the late reply. Cool your from Compton USA. Which State??. Am from a city called Leeds. Are you studying anything or working??. I work part time. Studied A-level English waaaay back in 02-04 with my childhood buddy, who I've known for over 20 years. Do you have someone you know for a long time. The memories we had bwhaaaa, some are quite funny :).

Sep 4, 2010
SpectralJester01 says...

Am sure your drawing and writing are really good :). My drawing suck like lemons, the best I can draw are match stick men. May I ask which country you are from??.  Oh you have any pets. I do a cat named Thomas (he is one dopey cat). 

Aug 18, 2010