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Lucky Star OVA

14 JUN

Story: There was no story acctually, it was just some short extracts of summer vacation (I'm not sure, but I think that that was summer) where 4 friends face complicated situations and have some fun, and in one part of OVA  girls play RPG and chat online. Oh. And in the end there shows up one girl and guy, they are chating and doing crazy things, but it isn't anime part. It's just Bonus. : DD

Animation: I like Lucky star's animation a lot, cause it's funny and cute. Animators, good job, I really enjoy watching Lucky star. The colours and lines are great.

Sound: There wasn't any music and I don't know what to say, about it. I don't rimember OP or ED because there weren't any. So feel free to sing by your self in the beggining. : DD

Characters: Like always they all are colourfull and diferent. And don't forget they're very cute. Of all Lucky star I liked characters the most. Why? because they're purfect. =^_^=

Overall: I enjoyed watching this anime, but still it was a little bit boring. Especially that part were they played RPG. But if you like talking so this OVA it's for you, but I like action. I don't like long talking. So I didn't like it very much.

P.S. Sory for my language I'm not very good at English and It's my first review, so don't shout at me. >//

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Lucky Star OVA user review by KittyLove

Lucky Star OVA

overall score: 7/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5/10
  • Animation 9/10
  • Sound N/A
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 7/10

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