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When I'm not gaming then I'm watching anime or sometimes both at the same time or when I'm not doing either of those then I'm reading manga.  My most favorite series of all time is Code Geass followed by Katanagatari, Heroic Age, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Banner of the Stars, Darker than Black, Durarara, Spice and Wolf, and of course Fooly Cooly and well I actually like almost any type of anime really. I'm also always looking for new interesting anime to begin watching.  I graduated high school in '08 and I have my associates degree in visual communcation(graphic design).  Though I don't know if I want to spend the rest of my life doing this so I think that I might end up going back and studying something different at some point.  Huge PS3 and PC gamer not really sure which one I prefer maybe both.

Occupation: Graphic Design Artist

Favorite Type of Music: Well I basically like a lot of foreign type of music especially Japanese pop.  I also like extreme metal, some opera/classical, 80's-90's music has always had a place in my heart, and techno.

Favorite Movie Types: Horror especially the older classic types, action, fantasy, Sci-Fi, and mystrey.

Favorite Books: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mystery.  My most favorite book series right now are the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan.

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Future Dreams: To watch more anime of course and to lead my cat imperial army in a conquest of the entire universe.  Beyond that nothing really but to find a nice warm spot to curl up for a nice long nap.

Hatsune Miku is the greatest thing ever!

Don't you just think that my signature is the cutest thing ever.  I'm all about the anime couples.  Whenever I see a cute couple I can't but help to get a signature with them in it.  And if your wondering I think that the absolute greatest couple ever is Lelouch and C.C.

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SadisticTendencies May 5, 2011

Hello! After skimming through your bio, I just had to ask if you've read The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. this may seem random, but I just thought I'd ask since you listed Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Mystery as your favorite genres.

Shadow000Ninja Apr 29, 2011

Hey! Completly agree with the miku hatsune thing. I have her music downloaded and my google chrome backround matches too lol. Anyway do you have any good reccomendations?

Rince Apr 6, 2011

Hey just had to continiue here after commenting on your blog

Been trying to get into the wheel of time but I find it difficult to get familiar with yet another fantasy universe as I allready got The Discworld, Forgotten realms,Warhammer, and The black magician worlds in fantasy alone...(not to mention sci-fi sigh)

About space oprah genere when it comes to LOTGH I was so stunned after season 1 finale I needed a break but so far 10/10 even with the low budget animations, the character designs are neat.Just got into crest of the stars franchise pretty nice.

In any case way better than the crap they try to serve us these past few years, cant say better animation techniqies equals better animes, seems rather opposite for me.

I just hope one day they will get their fingers out from their butts and realise making 13 eps +2ovas series no one remembers next year doesnt really get them that much over budget in compearson to the really big animes they can ride the waves of fame for decades!

BTW , what emperor are you? Japaneese, WH40k or LOTGH  :O?

And finally, You like 80's music  right? like gunfights and cool heroes too? I bet you would love City Hunter, if not the anime at least the super awesome music!( I see it on your want to watch)


TooRedneck2Care Mar 29, 2011

I am not trying be too noisy, but I just happened to read one of your comment on Freakeris profile. Telling him, which manga/anime you recommended, that I completely agrees with you. Excellent taste, I praise you. Not a lot of people know or find those manga/anime enjoyables. So thanks outta of blue.

lelouchllover Mar 29, 2011

I'm considered like some sort of code geass loving freak XD I spend like 400 dollars on code geass related stuff XD

I love you icon picture^^ So cute! Pouting lulu X3