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Lovely Complex

Feb 15, 2011

The Story: Well I guess you could say that it's your standard love story with the usual not so usual couple.  In the case of Lovely Complex the young couple to be is Risa & Otani and what might be so unusual about them well Risa is taller than your average girl and Otani is shorter than your average guy.  The difference of their height leads them constantly bickering between the two of them.  Though of course the inevitable happens and one of them falls in love with the other.  Which in this case it's Risa who first realizes her feelings for Otani.  What comes next is the basic standard girl tries to get the attention of the guy and the guy makes things difficult in more ways than one.  This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the series.  The only real problem I had with the story is that more towards the end it seemed that some random plot developments came out of nowhere and were only used as filler.

The Animation: What you get with Lovely Complex in the animation department is about what you would expect from your typical romcom.  The characters animation as a whole is fairly good especially things like facial animations and such.  Though the backgrounds tend to be rather bland and was only there to act as background.  It rarely did anything to help set the mood of things and only in the more important scenes did it take any real effect and actually try.

The Sound: Risa's and Otani's voices are near perfect with it completely capturing the characters personality.  As for the soundtrack it does its job but it still isn't anything close to being special or memorable.  The openings and endings were kind of a hit and miss sort of thing.  With the first opening and ending being decent enough to get a listen to every couple of episodes or so.  But the second opening and ending were average at best and after hearing them once I saw no reason to continue listening.

The Characters: With Risa and Otani being the main focus of the series it is of course only natural that they get more screen-time than the rest of the cast and by the end of the series you will actually have come to know them both very well.  But where this series is lacking is the supporting characters.  Risa's best friend for example Nobu is probably the third character besides the main two who gets the most screen-time and that's only because she is usually giving Risa advice.  Then what's probably even more sad is the fact that the character Umibozu probably plays the biggest role after Nobu.  Another major flaw with the series is that some of supporting characters weren't used to their full potential like for example Otani's exgirlfriend Kanzaki or his childhood friend Mimi.  These characters as well as a couple others felt like after they played their little part in the story they were forgotten and only when they were remembered were they used for little one or two minute appearances.

Overall Lovely Complex is probably one of the better romcoms currently out and doesn't take itself to seriously that it can still be funny but keep enough drama that it stays interesting.

7/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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