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Asura Cryin'


Overally after I finished watching Asura Cryin' I was left mostly unsatisfied.  The series didn't really seem to become interesting until like the last couple of episodes and by that point it was already to late to become a good show.  Now that was my intentional impression of the show which of course changed after I went and watched the second season.  Which I found after thinking back on it the first season of Asura Cryin' actually may have done a better job than I had thought.  In that it created a rather nice stage in which to launch the second season from because the first season took care of some more of tedious work like character introduction and background story.  As a whole I found the combination of a supernatural and sci-fi theme to be somewhat interested and I don't know why liking that little phase that was uttered when one of the mecha came out.  The animation was average it did nothing special and I didn't come to find myself liking or hating to look at it.  As for the sound the opening and ending did take some time to get use to and once I did I found myself enjoying them quite a bit.  The characters were likable but none of them really stood out as being all that interesting.  So overall is Asura Cryin' worth watching?  Only if you plan on going and watching the second season afterward because by itself it doesn't do enough for someone to actually sit down and watch through it.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 5/10
  • Animation 6/10
  • Sound 7/10
  • Characters 5/10
  • Overall 6.5/10


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