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Though this review may be quite a bit biased seeing as how I quite simply loved this anime.  So if you're looking for a completely honest review of this anime that doesn't overlook any flaws, though I don't think it had any, that this anime may have had.  Then you may want to look elsewhere.  But if you're looking for a review of this anime that is written by someone who completely loves it then look no further.  By the time the first episode comes to an end you are left with a desire a desire to see what exactly it is that Lelouch does with this power that he has recieved. Will he use his power for his own personal gains?  Will he use his powers to change the world?  These where the questions I had when I had finished the first episode and I knew at that moment that I was going to fall in love with this anime.  The story from there follows Lelouch on his journey as he fights with Britiania so that he can create a more gentle world for his sister Nunnally as well as tiring to find who it was exactly that killed his mother.  Though all of this would be rather difficult for a high school student and as such Lelouch creates the masked figure Zero who leads a rebellion against Britiania with the aid of the Black Knights.  I found it extremely difficult to have any problems with the story though as I said I'm a huge fan of the show so that's not really all that surprising.

The animation well for the characters designs you get the standard CLAMP look which I really loved especially seeing as how I'm a fan of a lot of the shows that CLAMP has done.  But beyond that things like backgrounds and mecha battles are all nicely animated.

As for the sound well overlooking the first opening the rest of the soundtrack is quite fabulous a selection of instrumental pieces ment to display the shows rather grand feel and fits perfectly with some of the shows more tragic scenes.  Then when it comes to the voice actors well Jun Fukuyama does it again and to be quite honest I don't think I could pick another voice actor out there who could have possibly done a better job.  He seemed able to pick a voice that fits Lelouch character perfectly and the rest of the cast does just as of an amazing job.

The main character of the story and really the only one that really matters is the young Britiania prince by the name of Lelouch and unlike most other animes where the main character usually relies on their physical strength,will, and determination in order to win their battles.  Lelouch is different from most main character as he instead relies for the most part on his brain power and his ability to control and manipulate people to win his battles and complete his goals.  Which I found to be a welcome since I had long since grown tired of the idiotic main hero who doesn't think in the slighest bit.  Not only that but probably the most interesting thing about Lelouch is that outside of his hate for Britiania he seemed to hate himself more which I simply loved.  In all honesty watching this series I would think that it would almost be impossible not to fall in love with Lelouch.  I know that I fell for him with the first few minutes.  Besides Lelouch the rest of the cast all have their interesting points that make them all fit the series in some fashion or another and probably the next one besides Lelouch who is most interesting is C.C. who has so much mystery surrounding her that it's almost impossible not to at least get a little bit interested in her.

Code Geass in my opinion is a fresh change from all the other anime out there and I would strongly suggest that someone who is looking for something new and exciting that will keep you interested throughout should definitely checkout Code Geass.  It still to this day remains as my most favorite anime of all time.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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