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A Lack of Space Opera

21 FEB

I noticed someting while browsing the site looking for something new to watch.  Which is that there seems to a lacking in the space opera department of anime.  I mean there are the great ones like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Banner of the Stars, Macross, Heroic Age, and the recently discovered Tytania.  But beyond those there aren't are whole lot others out there to watch.  So I can't help but to wonder as to whether it's really all that hard to make a good or at least decent space opera anime.  I mean sure there are a lot of things to take into consideration when making a space opera.  Such as the setting, the heroic central character, technology , romance, war, politics, and the musical score most of these tend to be on a rather large scale.  With huge space battles taking place as warships destory other warships in a epic battle to determine the fate of the galaxy.  So I can get that it can take a lot of work to make a good space opera as opposed to certain other series where all they need is for the main character to get a powerup before he is able to kickbutt.  But still even if it does take a lot of work you would think that companies out there would be eager to monopolize on this mostly untouched genre in the anime universe.  Sure there are some pretty big names out there like Legend of the Galactic Hereos and Macross that a company would have to take on, but still those titles came out a couple of decades ago.  So maybe it's time for something new in space opera that will help fully establish the space opera genre.  But this is all probably only wishful thinking on my part and I will probably have to wait several more years before the next space opera comes out.

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Rince avatar Rince
Apr 6, 2011

You are reading my thoughts! we are lacking in space oprah animes, or well tv series in general. Though if you like books I have recently discovered some niice space oprah series.


chii avatar chii
Feb 21, 2011

i think it's sad that sci-fi has moved away from space exploration and now focuses more on internet/futuristic stories.

which are cool but way boring since it's all we're getting these days. even most sci-fi these days ends up feeling like fantasy too which annoys me greatly.

I'll be happy if we get another gundam series or something though that's the closest we seem to be getting to space opera these days. S2 of tytania would be nice

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