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Well... I'm a girl - 17 years - and then i like watching anime. I am not a crazy fan or something, but I like the stories they can tell, and I have fun watching anime - so that is what is important for me.

Well bobobobobo - enjoy ?!


- My absolute favorite anime is Naruto - which I of course follow every week! I began to see it on the TV on a children's channel, and was immediately in love with it. It was probably the first anime I saw, and when they began to republish it after only a few episodes, I decided to find it on the net and read some more about it. And now I'm a real fan of it. So yes... Naruto is AMAZING.

Kakashi Hatake

My favorite character in Naruto must be Hatake Kakashi. There is something in his character that makes me love him! He can be dead serious when he has to, but he can be just as careless and funny as serious. I love how he always makes excuses for being late, and how he read Icha Icha in public. But everything he stands for, I just love it. He always thinks of his team instead of himself.


- Another amazing anime is/was No. 6. It is an amazing story about friendship, love and heroes! It's not very long, but the 11 episodes makes you feel amazing. When you have watched the last episode,  you feel like you want SO much more!

My favorite character in No. 6 must be Nezumi. Great personality, and even though he seems like he doesn't care, he actually cares a lot. He always tries to help out. And his feelings for Sion is really sweet :i


- MAID SAMA. Lovely anime! Never in my life have I laughed more to an Anime than to this one! The story is GREEEAAAAAT and the characters are hotty hotty. But combined with comedy and the sweetest romantic story, it is one of the best anime's I have seen! 26 wonderfull episodes, and every episode will make you laugh your fucking ass off, and yet you will make fangirl sounds when Usui tries to get Misaki. And yeeeeessshhh, you may be a little crazy about Usui, cause he is a WONDERFULL person.

Aaaaaaand my ABSOLUTE favorite character of ALL time is Usui. Sweet and chaaaaarming! Good looking too. But he really tries to get Misaki, and it is just sooo sweet the way he tries all the time. But he is kind of every girls dream (pretty normal girls dream). Prince Charming on the white horse who comes and rescue you when you are in trouble. Good looking and really funny! <3



*More will come - In time!*


And about my stinky english - I am truly sorry!


Ja nee ~<3

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Det er også nice! ^^

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Fantastisk "about me", du har godt nok brugt meget tid med billeder og alt muligt! :O

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jamen goddag da, velkommen til Anime-Planet :)