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My name is Metta. I go by Kage though. I play the alto saxophone and flute. I enjoy playing anime music. I love watching all sorts of anime and playing all kinds of games. I like to read manga. Japanese horror movies are awesome. I like Japanses movies period...more than American movies, actually. I'm an expert player on DDR and Guitar Hero. Stepmania is on my laptop...I'm addicted. I like to makes all sorts of friends from all over. Umm...I'm your ordinarry anime otaku I guess. I love to cosplay and go to as many conventions as possible. I live in Tennessee so there aren't that many near me. Anything else you want to know...just ask! =^.^=

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sothis Sep 6, 2007

Hi Metta! I just ran across your profile as the "random user" on the users homepage, so I thought I'd say hi. I notice you haven't been back for awhile -- you should check out the new features I've put up. You can now rate anime 1-5 stars, very soon you'll be able to write your own reviews, and I'm planning a bunch of other stuff too ;). I hope you come back to join us someday!

~sothis, webmistress

algelic Jul 27, 2007

Awwww! A cosplayer! Can you show me some pics of your costumes? ^^

Nice to meet you!