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About my List:

About Recs:

I will only make a recommendation if I see a direct connection between series. I will not say that I liked Pumpkin Scissors and I liked Nurse Witch Komugi, therefore you should too. If I see that one series is similar to another, I will then make a rec. Therefore, expect my recs to be low.

About my Ratings for Anime:

0 stars: I haven't watched enough to rate it yet.

1/2 star to 2 1/2 stars: IMO, it sucked. I hated it.

3 stars: Average rating for me.

3 1/2 stars to 4 stars: Better than average. I'd probably share this with people I know.

4 1/2 stars to 5 stars: Really fricking sweet. I'd share this with people I care about, and even the stranger in the anime asile at the store.

How I rate the anime: I look at many aspects of an anime when I think of a rating. I consider the art style, the characters, the character development, the plot, the story line advancement, and the conclusion. Anime with an art style I dislike can (but generally won't) get a lower rating. if the characters sucked, didn't show advancement, or were just cardboard applications, I will generally lower the rating. If the plot sucked or made no sence, it will lower the rating. If the storyline advancement was poor, choppy, or non-exsistant, it will lower the rating. If the conclusion was crappy, made no sense, or was non-exsistant, it will lower the rating. Likewise, any of these aspects that are good or exceptional will raise the rating. The end rating is a reflection of all these points. Sorry for that confusion.

**Ratings can go up and down as I watch an anime. The only rating that I really care about is the one that shows when the anime is completely watched. Anything before that is simply a rating-in-progress.

About Me:

All you really need to know in a nutshell. I'm here for the anime, nothing more. I'm not here for a boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm not here for pretending anything. I'm here to list my anime,find new ones, talk about anime, and so forth. Anything else will be fed to the Dragons.

Expect my top five to change. I do.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt. Otherwise, you'll just get really ticked off at me. Neither of us needs that.

I think more of myself and my opinions than you do. I'm sure that's mutual. Understand that, and we'll be fine.

I should also warn you- A lot of what I have watched or am watching is a direct result of my roommate. I tend to camp out on the sofa next to her and watch as well. So it probably isn't something I picked to watch (in fact if it's cute junk, I promise I didn't pick it).  Case in point.. she's watching Lucky Star right now. No offence to the LS fans out there but *gag*. Not my cup of coffee.

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sothis Oct 14, 2009

happy bday ^^

sothis Jun 20, 2008

Long time no see ^_^; come back and see us sometime! Writing here because I put up an entry for Dark Myth per your request - took awhile because it was haaaard to write a summary for o_o