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Well, i dunno. Im a wierdo that likes anime and manga xDD my friends are wierdos to, so if you run into wont know cause we're ninjas =O IVE SAID TO MUCH (*dissappers, then come back*) I told you im a wierdo...YOU DIDNT BEILIVE ME! O__O.......................wierdo.........>.>;;; I am a clone of Edward Elric ask mah skypers. =P My dA is check it out is you want. I'm not that good of a drawer but i have a fanfic that people say is good ^^;; Well, thats all i have to tell. (*dissappers*)

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What?! No anime ratings?

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Quicks1lv3r Feb 2, 2011

Hey there ! Great anime taste ! :)


// Quicks1lv3r.