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Sound of the Sky

Mar 26, 2010

If you read other peoples’ comments about this anime, you will find them relating it to another anime ‘K-ON!’. The only thing that they have in common is the story involves five girls and has a musical theme. However that is where the similarities end, here half the girls are involved in music; with one of them learning, whilst ‘K-ON!’ has all five.

Set in a Post-Apocalyptic world in the future, our main protagonist is a young girl named Kanata, who joins the army of Helvetia, at war with the Roman Empire (which somehow they speak German)  to pursue her dream of learning to play an instrument after being inspired by listening to a traditional old English tune “Amazing Grace”. The use of this tune gives a haunting emotion and sets the mood for the anime. She is sent to the town of Seize (inspired by Cuenca, Spain) to join the 1121st Platoon; a squad that has a relaxed way of running, as ranks are overlooked. There she is taught to learn the trumpet by Master Sergeant Rio Kazumiya, who has a no-nonsense attitude and is stricter in her discipline and issuing of orders as compared to her commanding officer Second Lieutenant Filicia Heideman, who has more of a kind nature.  

A great and fantastic story that would have you go through all the emotions whilst keeping you entertained.  It is a shame that it wasn’t longer as the series is made up of only 12 episodes (2 OVAs are due out throughout this year on the DVDs). The first half of the episodes is generally individual stories, following the everyday living of the squad and providing a number of funny moments. The second half is where it gets interesting, the mood slowly changes for the opposite as the episodes then become connected and delve into each of the girls’ past which would lead to sacrifices and a decision that would decide the fate of the entire World.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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