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herano Apr 23, 2012

Wow, je raced nogal door gankutsuou heen0.o! Spannend;)?

dawnmage Jan 9, 2012

hey nice profile!.

finaly also a ducht native. are you planing on going to the animecon(almelo) this year?

i am!

MiSsYGrey Oct 2, 2011

Hi Juut <3


oohh cool, I"m gonna check your list soon too ^___^ yeah, Happy is sooooo cute <3


so how are you doing love? :3


~ Dee

herano Aug 19, 2011

Hey kira,

Just wanted to comment on your want to watch list:) (about what i have seen)

Must watch

Kiki's delivery service - really beautifull and hopefull story for that fuzzy feeling.

Kino's journey - For the philosopical times... Really makes you thing, but does not force things. Truely entertaining

Good/ okey watch

Ghost hunt - A but of a strange mix of lighthearted comedy and mystery/ horror, but it keepes getting better. Popcorn anime.

Grave of the fireflies - Really intense, only if you want to watch something that WILL reduce you to tears.

Red garden - Drama done right, with lifelike characters and discussions and striking visials (that i really liked). I t does get weaker near the end, but the rest is great and suspencefull. Only keep the mute button ready for the pieces where the characters sing (only in the first episodes)

Rurouni kenshin - Fun and amusing characters. The second season is superior and really great. The rest is alright.


Record of lodoss war - It is alright, but also so standard fantasy that it is really not enything special

Perfect blue- This is really horror, but not in the way you might think. It is really playing with your perseptions. Creepy..


La Corda D'Oro - Hollow empty characters and a overly simple storyline.

Sorcerer hunters - If you want to watch a fantasy comedy, watch slayers instead. This is in all points the lesser product.

Hope it helped!

With love, Paula

herano Jul 22, 2011

Hey there, Kira! Nice to see you here as well!

I will read your blogs as soon as possible;) Looking forward to it!