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Blue Exorcist (contains spoilers)

12 OCT

Heya guys!

So I just watched the entire anime of Blue Exorcist. After having read the first volume of the manga I saw that there was an anime-adaption of this story. And since I'm a lazy bum for not wanting to read to it, I decided to watch the anime.

For those who haven't read the title: there's spoilers up ahead!

^ ********************************************************** ^


So here's the plot: Rin and Yukio Okumura grew up in a monastry, having being tought that satan's bad and tries to take over the world by taking over human bodies and opening the gate to Gehenna (Satan's world). The boy foster dad was an exorcist who raised the boys. One day, Rin finds out he's the spawn of Satan and that he's a devil with devilish powers such as a high constitution and super strenght. Combine that with a bad temper and we have a pretty cool main character. But here's the problem, Rin wants to be an exorcist to kick Satan's ass because he murdered the foster dad. The academy where exorcists are trained is led by Mephisto Pheles, a demon who made a pact with the Vatican in order to make sure Rin won't take over the world himself. After some training, class fights (where as Yukio appears to be one of the teachers) and after meeting a Shura (a big breasted woman who fights for the Vatican) things get serious. Appearently, Rin and Yukio's grandfather want to destroy Gehenna to kill Satan once and for all. But things don't turn out the way everyone expected. Yukio's devilish powers awaken and Satan takes over his mind in order to fuse the human world with Gehenna... So far the story ends with a big boom, where every human is saved and the devil-brothers return to their "normal" life. The end!

And I quite liked it! I was surprised by the quality of the animations, although modern animes always seem to look great, the blue fires and computeranimations didn't look out of place, so there's my first thumbs up ;)

And of course, what girl doesn't like a funny badboy who's always in for some trouble. Well, sure I am, although Rin's temperament leads him to a bit too much of trouble. In contrary, his brother Yukio is more of the patient and wise kind. Two contrasting characters already. It may sounds cheesy, this mix of personalities, but for the two of them it works out fine during the story. (2nd thumb up!)

But... and here is my main dissapointment, the secondary characters like Shiemi, Suguro, Mephisto and cute cat Blacky where just not developed enough. Know what I mean? Like, here are some people that fill in the gaps between the storylines but they don't seem to have something that makes them unique. Summing up: a devilish schooldirector who's up to no good, a familiar with a teleparthic link (but why's the thing never there when you need it? and why is it so weak even though it's a demon?!), a cute, shy and little clumsy girl who believes in a good heart untill the end, a bad boy complete with piercings and his buddies who seeks revenge and a (too) sexy looking chick with a giant sword who just happenes to be there.

I may sound very sceptic, but I exepted more from an anime like that. I mean, the first volume of the manga and the first half of the anime series was cool. The story was not too cheesy and exciting, but then all of the sudden it seemed like the storylines took a turn. It felt like there where not enough episodes spended to make this anime come to it's right proportion. I surely think another two episodes with more room for the development of the characters would have made the change.

And the end... well, it was quick! A bit too quick and not entirely realistic (even with a story as this one).

But hey, I enjoyed watching it and I watched it 'till the end ;)

So here's my final opinion on this one: if you like an anime with that looks nice and is easy to watch, WATCH IT! There's nothing wrong with good-old demons taking over the world and two boys of the demon-kin who want to fight them against all odds.

So I hope to have informed you well on this anime... perhaps I'll read the manga next.

See ya!

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