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RingoStarr1991 says...

Awesome reviews :D

Oct 31, 2011
BluePeppermint says...

Oh dear...over three months this time! Seriously though, that is ridiculous and I sincerely apologise for my total lack of contact. Although it seems you're not on here much either, as you've things been? We need to find a good way to keep in touch! Is the blog going well?

Ah, so many questions...but I'll wait :P very much hope you're well and life is good.

Sep 18, 2011
domoarigato12 says...

Kiiiira!!! miss meh!? :) I just started watching Gintama recently, I am over Episode 100 now.. Funniest anime i've seen(besides One Piece). I love when the Arc's get Serious too. Deffinately one of my Favorite anime's now. I wish I knew about it a long time ago!! :(

If there is any anime out there that can make you bawl over the person you hated at the start. It would have to be Gintama. If there is an anime that you can take seriously one second, and laugh the next, it's definitely Gintama.

P.S. What's new!?


Aug 7, 2011
pablo3z says...

Heeeloooo KiraRin :D

What's up? :) Do You feel summer out there? I guess i'm felling great now, when te temperature is high :D

I'm still watching gintama & naruto shippuuden & bleach, and now started Nana & Akikan!. Guess i have to watch quite a big number of anime and then i'm happy :D

My trip to UK failed. Ehhhhh... I suppose it's my fault too, but i'm a little bit disappointed of my friend, who was doing preparations for us. My infinite amount of luck is stocking me, i guess :D

I have good mood and a lot of plans for this summer, though. And i think it will be as good as last one :) Hope i will get to UK some time , cause i would like to meet you (and other anime fans in UK) very, very much.

Hope You're keeping well.


Jul 8, 2011
Yuukiichan says...

Konnichiwa =)Can we be friends ?

Jun 30, 2011