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Casshern Sins


Dark, gritty environments composed of unfeeling and foreboding crystal stretch on seemingly endless against a storm-laden sky. Along the rising cliffs which seem to cut the horizon until it bleeds orange-red, there is the sense of forlorn hopelessness and unfriendly eyes watching every move--a sense of despair.

This is, at least, the general atmosphere for Casshern Sins.

Everything begins with a sense of sorrow and despair focusing around a main character who hasn't any idea of who or what he is, only that he has great power and that foreboding sensation that he may have done something horrific with that power once in the past.

Sounds like a semi-decent setting to build an interesting story, correct?


This my friends, shall be the most emo-tastic journey filled with a lot of soulful, eyes-shaking-at-the-camera, ever. Or at least this is what it seemed to me after several episodes in, with each episode of soulful cries of CAAAAASSSSSHERRRRRRRRRRRN!!!!!!!111!!! weighing my spine down until I slumped my chin in my hand and began yawning.

Chasshern Sins tries. It really does. And if I could give a cookie to a series for trying really, really, hard to be good--I'd give this one at least two. But trying doesn't cut it for me, I want--nay--I need to be entertained. Watching this series was anything but entertaining.

It tries very hard to be an immensely serious, gritty, dark, soul searching series and falls so flat on its face the echoing thunk is truly wince worthy. The animation style harkens back to a time when bell bottoms were still in style and tie-dye was, like, man, totally rad. Drawn in a style that would almost remind you of anime drawn in the late 70's, early 80's, it becomes an eye jarring annoyance after a few moments of Gumby-like stretched out characters and almost sloppy like postures or figures.

The story drones on and on and one over one singular point until I as the viewer, just desperately wished my frustrated yelling of OMG JUST GET ON WITH IT AND STOP SLITTING WRISTS ALREADY could be heard by the main characters.

There...are...(and it almost shames me to admit this), some redeeming qualities to Casshern Sins. For me, I was actually far more engaged and interested in the minor characters stories and appearances than I was the main character,  Casshern, and wished to know more about them.

There are interesting concepts, though again, these concepts were held mostly in the side players of the main plot which undermine what I imagine the writers and series creators originally intended: paying attention to the main characters. (Who are so mind numbingly dreary and holding about as much personality as my favorite reindeer coffee mug.)

To me, Casshern Sins just turned out to be a mess. I'm not sure what kept me watching as long as I did--I think it was a tossup between the same reaction one has when passing a car crash: that horror and shock which makes someone unable to look away, and the utterly childish hope of surely this will get better in time, right?


Unless you enjoy utter dreariness--I'd pass this one up. Pass it up hardcore.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 4/10
  • Animation 3/10
  • Sound 6/10
  • Characters 4/10
  • Overall 5/10


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