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Kira has a non-anime sig?

21 SEP

Yup, its true. I've created and am currently wearing a live action show signature! I recently happened across an excellent show on Channel 4 (a bit of an edgier channel than the BBC) called "The Inbetweeners".

If you were the geeky kid, and never one of the popular crowd at school, then you will love it. It's crude, and very funny and definitely not afraid to show bums, sex and a 16 year old boy spunking all over his hand.... so wrong, and yet I couldn't help but laugh.

Here are a couple of my favourite clips. Be warned, the language is a little blue :P

I hope a few others discover this British gem :D


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Omurqi avatar Omurqi
Sep 22, 2009

ahaha :P Spend half an hour browsing vids of this on youtube. Definitely going to watch some more of this, [britspeak]it's brilliant![/britspeak]

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