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The Good, the bad and the WTF!

14 JUL

Today, Eru is laughing her ass off


Like a slow motion car wreck, bad cosplay is something that you can't help but stare at. Don't get me wrong.. there is some awesome cosplay out there, such as Kallen.

The hair, the face, the costume, its all so amazingly good. I guess being naturally beautiful doesn't hurt either. But good isn't as much fun as bad. And by bad, I mean terrible....

Before I get shot down for laughing at these, I just want to point out I know that they probably spent weeks on their costumes. It still doesn't change the fact that they look like they don't have a mirror in their house...

This quickly became one of my favourite bad cosplays. She's very brave for a bigger girl (I know I wouldn't subject anyone else to my body in a skintight boiler suit), but it really is not doing her any favours... At first glance, I thought she was a badly stuffed teddybear - but closer inspection shows that this is Rei Ayanami. Word of warning to the wise - do not look too closely. What can be seen can never be unseen....

This picture should be entitled "why God, why". I don't think I need to say any more.

I sometimes wonder if these people have friends. I would like to think that anybody close to me would not let me leave the house dressed like this. One can't help but wonder if the bra is *meant* to be on display - either way, it still makes my eyes bleed....

I saved my favourite for last. Even budget was not an issue for this guy, as the unbelievable amount of imaginaiton that went into this verges on being called "epic". Props to you Gundam boy.


SabakunoYana avatar SabakunoYana
Jan 26, 2010

That stupid guy with "Gundam" cos made me laugh but not as much as the MG's Orange Box XD So mediocre even for a box...

firepong avatar firepong
Jan 13, 2010

MaienM, I completly agree. I seen that last one and I started laughing my @ss off. So much my side was starting to hurt and I had to stop myself >:D

Innocency avatar Innocency
Dec 29, 2009

That dude's Zaku Gundam is awesome ^^

noblemage avatar noblemage
Aug 28, 2009

Sometimes (most of the time) what works on screen just doesnt work IRL xD

I'd totally wear the gundam one xD

snir avatar snir
Jul 15, 2009

haha, i know what you mean. When i choose to cosplay i also try to choose someone where my body shape fits in. All the other things are just not worth showing at a CON.

But you would get a hard time to make them change their mind, because most of these persons are insane fans of the character/manga/anime they are trying to represent. So they don't care.

But i do agree on what you are implying ;)

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