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Hello there, passerby! :D
What? Leaving already?

So... That's just me keeping track of things I've watched, wanna watch or potentially rewatch etc. I'm not a reviewer because I feel like many others usually cover everything up with their reviews before me, and plenty of them do it much better than I ever would.

If, however, anyone happens to stumble upon my profile and, for some reason, decides to take a look

~ My rating scale ~

1-3: Bad.
4-6: About average.
7 or 6.5: Good.
8 or 7.5: Very good.
9 or 8.5: Splendid. 
10 or 9.5: Masterpiece.

But above all, remember that even though sharing our opinions and arguing here is all nice and good, any story told was worth telling. We may dislike or even hate something from our own perspective, while for someone else that same thing could mean a lot to them, and that's more than enough. I believe this is the reason why, deep down, I like all anime in general and also the reason we are all here after all :)

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Skylos Jan 1, 2016

Sorry for the late reply!

I see! Good thing I liked her then xD

You've read my review? How was it? O.O

Skylos Dec 29, 2015

Oh really? Ahahaha! How'd you find my name anyway? xD

Skylos Dec 28, 2015


My name? Hm. I was a huge fan of Greek mythology back when I made this account, and I love dogs. Skylos is the Greek word for dog. Plus, it sounds very nice, doesn't it? ^^

Travi Jun 10, 2015

haha! thats good and well...

I guess I just "promote" the movie cause i'm passionate about it at the moment xD


I understand completly finally someone feels the same way as me (hopefully) if i understood ya right :P))

it's not easy to watch something amazing then instantly jump into something else equally as great right? ね!?

* To many feels at once * 

(patema inverted isn't very feel heavy)

I probably do this to an extreme tbh an example of this would be...

after watching Anohana and then Angel beats immediately afterwards i didn't watch another anime for months :O no lie !!

is that wierd? 

Travi Jun 2, 2015

Hiya! I noticed you just added Patema Inverted to your want to watch list I would highly reccomend it as i just watched it myself for the first time, I am not going to say much at all just that it is really good a lil confusing at times but overall an amazing watch 

I dont really know what i was thinking when i started this message but i guess my overall goal was to hopefully get you to bumb the movie up a little higher on ur watch next list preferibly to be the next thing you watch but its entirly up to you ;) 

and please dont feel like i am trying to force you into watching it or anything ;)