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  • NE Ohio, probably at a computer or toting a DS around.
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a few other favorites (anime and otherwise):

Heroes, Futurama, Akira, Oh! My Goddess!, Final Fantasy (FFVII is generally overrated, but it is still a part of square's true quality, FFV takes top honors IMHO), ChronoTrigger (the game, moreso than the OAV), Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon (the video games mostly, but the show and movies are a good way to kill time), Zelda, Penguins!

I'm a bit of a MMO Junkie, currently playing City of Heroes/Villains (Protector server blue side, Pinnacle server red side). I've got a decent supergroup base going, drop a comment if you play on Protector, I'm not really recruiting, but I might make exceptions or form coalitions if you're interested, and coalition members are free to visit the base for teleport and crafting purposes.

Hobbies: Anime (duh), Games (if you read this far you should have figured that out), Computers, Music (Rock, Alternative, Classic rock mostly, with a bit of "Anything but Country and Gangsta Rap" mixed in)

Other things of importance: My Girlfriend (she wants you to come see her webcomic at, and it's usually funny and often silly, so go look.)

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