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Cat Soup

Jan 16, 2012


Want to know how evolution works? Have you ever thought about what you eat? How about a mindboggling mix of Biblical and other myths from around the world? A bit of time turning, sledging, circus and various creatures maybe? Food and where it goes last of all. Surviving and hallucinating in a desert. How does life start anyway? And how does it end? How does the world end? Loneliness and sibling love? Unattentive parents and TVdinner culture. Diseases and travelling. Someone to sew back your arm in case it happenes to come off? Hitting someone on the head and then feeding yourself with the bump? Whales and how does thunder come to be along with other laws of physics...

I don't think the list above includes half of the themes stuffed into this brilliant 30minute piece. I wish I knew more about the world so I could get more of the hints but what can you do...

The animation is not in my favourite style, sound effects are quite random and there is not a single thing explained during the entire storyline, which by the way makes also little sense. Neither does anybody speak or have any facial expressions.

Yet. None. Of. It. Matters.

Watch. It.


No. Matter. What.


10/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall
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AshlieYagami Oct 21, 2012

I really enjoyed the Anime. Maybe I am stupid but I seriously did NOT understand what the heck was going on XD Could someone explain to me?

SadisticTendencies Jan 17, 2012

I love it whenever people praise Cat Soup, it's still one of the best anime I've seen. Thanks for the review!