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Delightful Moomin Family

14 JUL

  • Visual:            7 – cute and cuddly, quite detailed
  • Music:             5 – nothing special but the main theme
  • Characters:     7 – each character very distinctive and ever unchanging
  • Story:              7 – short adventures in each episode
  • Experience:     8 – a perfect educative story for younger children


The story of the Moomins originates from the Scandinavia so you can imagine my surprise when chancing upon an episode (otherwise seen oh so long time ago in my childhood) of the Moomin Family on the TV I discovered that the original text was in Japanese. How on Earth did this story of the hippopotamus - like creatures travel so far?

I am glad it did, though. The series consists of separate episodes each with their own story and morale. This and the overall good and prettiness stressed in it make the anime perfect for younger children who might still be learning that stealing is bad, mothers are all-loving, friendship is important, girls like jewellery and fathers are not always as mighty as they try to make it seem. These lessons-for-life are interknit with the fantastical adventures of recurring characters of different shapes and sizes which may also increase broad-mindedness in children.

And for older people – want to travel back in time for a short while? Watch an episode, would you...

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User Review Scores

  • Story 7/10
  • Animation 7/10
  • Sound 5/10
  • Characters 7/10
  • Overall 8/10


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