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During my browsing for a new show, I encountered Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi. I casually watched a couple of episodes a day, over the course of the past week. 


Ookami-san's animation is very pleasent. The fight scenes are smooth and slick. Scenery and backgrounds possess a fair level of detail. The characters have some design choices I wouldn't make, but they are drawn decently. I didn't care for Ookami's overall style at all; in contrast, Hitsujikai's design is great. In-fact, the rest of the characters are all pretty damn good.  All in all it looks great.


The OP & ED are one of the better ones in the world of anime; the OP in particular, which is Ready Go! by May'n. Ookami-san's OST doesn't do much to diminish or improve the quality of the series, it certainly is nowhere near as memorable as Gundam 00's or Fate/Stay Night's OSTs (both were done by Kenji Kawai).

Ookami-san's voice acting is top notch. The narrator, voiced by Satomi Arai of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun fame, was superb; her adding a great touch of pervy humor to make the already amusing Ookami-san even MORE amusing. Kanae Itou does a fantastic job of voicing the dark, yet adorable Ringo. Another one of the more notable voices is whoever voiced Shirou Hitsujikai; he gave a very dark and chilling performance. The rest of the cast is very good, with the lot providing fitting voice-acting.


This anime has one of the larger casts out there. The Otogi Bank of Otogi High has many unique characters each with there own relationships; although, the show wasn't long enough to properly flesh out every character. Majo is a perfect mad scientist. Urashmia and his gentleman mode are very funny; his and Otohime's relationship is one of the better points of the anime. Ookami is a more tsun than dere tsundere, but she's still a good lead. Morino starts off as not much; although, he grows into his own later on. Ringo is a perfect gift to all you loli fans and her scheming moments are something to look forward to. In contrast, Otsuu is one of the less powerful roles in Ookami-san. I found Alice to be my favorite member of the Otogi Bank. The President is also a more interesting charactrer than others.

Outside of the Otogi bank we have Hitsujikai, who is the President of Onigashima High School. He is a very dark character and an excellent antagonist. An important point I forgot to mention up until now is how every character is based off some sort of fairy-tale or another. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is which, as it is one of the best points of the show.


Such potential gone to waste is all I can say. This show clearly required more than the 12 episode affair it recived. The best episodes where the ones where the Otogi bank was doing jobs for other people in the school. I belive that we didn't see enough of those episodes. Ookami-san is quite dissapointing in that aspect. The story touches on some very dark tones, such as rape, death, etc; this is quite surprisingly when considering the light-heartedness of the show. The story never realy fully fleshes out. Truly wasted potential. The romance is done in a pretty good way; at the very least IT does flesh out.


Ookami-san is too short for its own good. It is one of those shows that would greatly benefit from being longer, in both overall story and character development. This anime is very fun and balanced. It never really drags on as a series; although, the end will dissapoint you. I'm feeling like reading the manga now to see what happens. I recommend it. It's a very watchable anime.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Madoka Oct 27, 2011

I agree with most aspects here, i didnt take to the narator, i think you described her well though, she does a good job, espically at adding random pervy humor to the show, the main thing i found is she became annoying how she kept over speaking characters who are speaking (though the characters are usually just chit-chatting it still nice to focus on em but one scene i felt she was in the way of plot development)

i agree the end was kinda sad but im more curious what happened with the dude from the other high school? he sempt dam angry but he just vanishes?

i also hope to read the manga to get some further development but i agree its still one great seris