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Asu no Yoichi!

Oct 7, 2013

Asu no Yoichi a.k.a Samurai Harem is an ecchi harem martial arts comedy series that isn't great but it is kind of entertaining. I may not be a big fan of harem series but I don't mind ecchi if it's not over the top. Despite being having harem right in the title, you don't really get an actual sense of a harem forming in this series. The main character Yoichi Karasuma is in fact surrounded by girls but only two actually make an attempt at vying for his affection while the others are typically there to suffer at the hands of his "ecchi accidents." Despite Yoichi being the main character, he isn't really an important person but the fact that he has Ibuki's attention gives him some worth in this series. Really Ibuki, the oldest of the Ikaruga sisters is the most important character in Asu no Yoichi as the MC's rival and the antagonist are in love with her and the development of her sisters revolve around her in some way. Eventually you begin to feel that Yoichi is really nothing but an obstacle put in place for cock-blocked related comedy and ecchi scenes.

The most interesting character development in Asu no Yoichi will be Ayame attempting move from under her  older sister, Ibuki's shadow. Everything else is pretty much fanservice in some way shape or form with the comedy being kind of bland and the action scenes being interrupted by nosebleeds. The one thing that doesn't mean anything to the plot but it really stands out is the strange shrinking of Torigaya which is never explained and becomes even more strange in the last episode. Speaking of which, the last episode was horrible. I really wanted an answer for Torigaya's weird shrinking but oh well. In the end, there isn't really anything special or note worthy about Asu no Yoichi but I guess if you're looking for an ecchi martial arts series with a poor attempt at a construction of harem, you might want to check this series out.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
4/10 sound
4/10 characters
6.2/10 overall
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