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Day Break Illusion is a series that could of joined Madoka Magica in building the dark magical girl sub-genre, instead it simply copied it with little originality. What little originality this series does contain comes from its Tarot Card Reading theme which doesn't effect the progression of the series as much as you might think. Day Break Illusion can be exciting at times and deliver emotional scenes here and there but overall, it's a disappointment. Not a failure but a disappointment. Everything is actually really predictable except for what happens to Luna or the information dump in episode eleven. Day Break Illusion's story is centered around young girls who are called upon to sacrifice themselves and save the world as magical girls. In the beginning that was actually well performed, with each girl finding their own way to overcome or ignore the fact that they're basically executioners but we needed an antagonist to really get the ball rolling. Too bad that we literally never figure out why the antagonist (Cerebrum) does what he does until the last two episodes. Cerebrum was such a poorly executed villain, I felt that this show might have actually been better if the producer left him out, let the Daemonia appear as the creatures that naturally exist and focus on the girls mental and emotional development during their times as magical girls. This is just one of the reasons why Madoka Magica managed to be such a hit.

Day Break Illusion tries way to hard to be Madoka Magica and that becomes incredibly noticeable after the first episode onward. After 12 episodes, you will finally know what Cerebrum is after and you'll most likely bust out laughing or facepalm because it's just plain stupid. This series really seems to give nothing to you but questions and the few answers that are given are either silly or seriously late for you to even care. Despite how disappointing Day Break Illusion it's not all bad I guess. The battle scenes between the magical girls and Daemonia are actually enjoyable but the animation makes some parts of the fight unrecognizable.

Day Break Illusion's cast is made up of your average group of magical girls; the optimist, the tomboy, the joker and the weakling. The girl's primarily survive through the power of friendship and it's just so cheesy, I felt like I should of been eating mac and cheese while watching this series. Day Break Illusion gets points for action and disturbing atmosphere but not much else.

4.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5.5/10 overall
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