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Alright let's get to it. Gargantia as I called it, is far from the best series this season or this year and the only real reason anyone says it's such is mainly because of the ending. Give a series a great ending and all of a sudden that makes up for the rest. It's impossible for me to think that way. Gargantia certainly had a great beginning and a great ending but the bridge in between the two cliffs was pretty damn shaky. If anything the series was only good during it's first two episodes and it's last three episodes, everything in between those episodes can be summed up as "meh." The story of a soldier stuck on a foreign planet, attempting to coexist with the natives makes for an interesting premise.

No doubt, this series had a lot of potential but it went downhill after the beginning but managed to make its way back up near the end. Suisei no Gargantia focuses on two major pieces, Ledo attempting to integrate into Gargantia society and the raging war between the Hideauze and the Galactic Alliance, whose battle originated on Earth. At first one would think we would actually see a lot going on between the Avalon (Galactic Alliance HQ) and the Hideauze but actually, they seem to be nothing more than set up or backdrop in how Ledo was shaped as a character and how he will integrate into the Gargantian lifestyle. So we can say that the Hideauze add to story but are not the most important piece to this series, what's important is how everyone will come together in a hippy-dippy friendship at the end. That's pretty much what this show is all about, getting involved with new people and forming friendships even with your former enemies.

This show doesn't really deliver on character development and most of them make a lot of stupid decisions that just doesn't make sense and sometimes seem counter productive. Besides the first two episodes and the last three, Gargantia is pretty much filled with half naked, belly dancing girls in which one of them, the female lead Amy is infatuated with the main character Ledo. The series isn't short on fan service but it doesn't really throw it in your face (well except for the belly dancing and beach party episodes). Worst of all, Amy isn't really of much importance despite being the female lead and she could easily be forgotten but every episode, we're given a small reminder that she exist. The characters are incredible hypocrites for no apparent reason what so ever. In the beginning, they're worried about killing other people even if those people were attempting to kill them but in the last episode, the Gargantia is seen killing hundreds of people like it was an extermination. Ledo kills the Hideauze without a second thought but when he learns the truth, he all of sudden is shocked about what he has done but when you think about it, you wonder why does it even matter what the Hideauze truly are? 

All in all, this show isn't completely dead, the action is worth watching and Ledo's moments of inner conflict are interesting to see but the overall story seems to have taken an arrow to the knee. I recommend watching it as it seems a lot of people have taken great joy in watching this series but I am left unsatisfied with how things played out. I like the beginning and the ending but not much of what was in between. Most of the time, the shear shock value is what kept me watching which isn't a good thing btw.

6.5/10 story
9/10 animation
7.2/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.8/10 overall
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