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Psychic School Wars

Jun 25, 2013

I may be an avid anime viewer but I rarely watch anime movies but I decided to give this new one a try. Nerawareta Gakuen is a supernatural romantic drama that starts off simple but gradually builds into a beautiful story that drops 2/3s of the way through. Allow me to explain what I mean. Nerawareta Gakuen starts off as a touching middle school romance between a set of friends that turns into a heart wrenching love triangle of pure unrequited love for each person involved. The love triangle gets even more complicated when Ryoichi, the new transfer student enrolls. Said transfer students turns out to be from the future and has come to turn more people into "psychics" to build a better future for humanity. I won't tell you the entire plot but basically the plan ends up looking more like a strict and frightening dictatorship instead of a peaceful and happy society. It's up to the main character, Kenji to stop Ryoichi and his "psychic" followers and this is where things get complicated. The overall movie contains two plots, a touching romantic drama and a supernatural drama. The movie builds up to an amazing climax and then quickly drops into a confusing battle between Kenji and Ryoichi that makes little to no sense once it's all over. I attempted to go back and look for any missing or misunderstood moments but I still came up with "WTF Just Happened?"

Don't get me wrong, this is actually still a good movie to watch but keep in mind that the last half hour of the film will be pretty confusing. I think the producer and writer were probably thinking that they had no idea where to go after building such a stunning climax and just decided to jump off and see where they land. The animation and music for this movie are both incredible but neither of them make up for that last half hour of the film. I say go and watch it yourself. Hopefully you can come up with a better answer to the ending than I did.

6.5/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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brokensaint058 Jul 23, 2013

I have to board the WTF moonvessel here as well. I thought that perhaps I did not pay enough attention and missed something, but after rewatching it twice I couldn't make a straight about the ending. I just assume that the the two male leads are stuck in a continuos timeloop where one becomes the 'cat thing' and lets the other travel back in time to make one of them a happy couple. The earth seemingly is going to hell regardless, so as got to have at least one of the two leads happy, right? Right?!

Well besides that, the animation was stunningly well done. Did you see how many animation studios worked on this?! The very lush environmental design and the gorgeous character design really do make this movie shine. The animation is just filled with effort! The music score was befitting the theme of the movie, it was mellow where it needed be and hushed at other moments. The voicing was well casted, featuring one of my favorite VA, Kana Hanazawa as Kahori.

Overall, a great movie to soak yourself into, it has superb visuals and vocals that please on so many levels. Yes, the plot shambles towards the end, but I am willing to overlook that flaw in the whole picture of this cinematic piece.

Gygun Jul 5, 2013

100% agree

I just finished watching the whole movie, and still don't get it.

"WTF Just Happened?" > How i feel right now...

armyguy239 Jun 29, 2013

I watched the movie now too, WATCH THE ENTIRE THING!!! I did a google search because I thought the same thing, but watch the shorts in the credits and past ;) it'll mostly sum it up!

toxshock Jun 26, 2013

I absolutely agree wish this review. It is so beautifully animated and the story was amazing until the last third. I honestly couldn't understand the rest though.

johnnyreb88 Jun 25, 2013

yeah, wtf moment/ending brought me here... :/

i mean, wtf DID happen at end? poor little girl left with paper cup phones and no memory of her lifelong love and other girl's wrist twitched coz MAYBE she saw her boo coming to her across the beach coz hero sacrificed himself to go back to forsaken future?? mayb... still [email protected] and/or sad-as-$hit ending.. i wish i had the time spent watching this anime added back to my life.. id rank it lower than u bc of sorry ending. i can handle sad.. if i KNOW its supposed to be sad and im not just confused about wtf happened. qq sum moar 4 me. xD