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Red Garden

Jun 13, 2013

Red Garden is one hell of a supernatural drama with great character development and story telling. I have to say that it is pretty slow paced but after the first eight or nine episodes things really begin to pick up. There are moments where the main characters main seem melodramatic but consider the moment in which they're doing so and you'll see that they're actually quite justified in their responses. Red Garden can basically be cut into two parts with the first 10 episodes really paying close attention to how the girls are dealing with their current situation and how it affects them mentally and emotionally. The next 12 episodes is where we really get into the plot and how the main characters decide to do the best they can with the events that have transpired.

To those who are impatient, the first 8 to 10 episodes will seem boring and unneeded but I felt that was actually one of the good things about this series. Most anime of today tell the story of a character who finds themselves thrown into an unbelievable situation and just go with the flow and after the first two episodes, they're pretty much unfazed by anything and everything. The main characters of Red Garden give real reactions to an unbelievable as well as unforgiving set of circumstances. Their lives are completely changed as they are forced to fight these demonic creatures while having to maintain their high school lives. The pressure and stress felt by the main characters is understandable and instead of a quick reaction of "get over it and move on," we're taken through a full course of emotional turmoil that really brings out each character. Of course, they eventually grow and come to grips with their new lives but the difficulty of maintaining their normal lives as teenagers and their new lives as "Dead Girls" is still a hassle.

Red Garden has a fluid story that progresses a bit more with each episode, detailing both sides of the story. Neither side in this anime are necessarily good or evil but it's that they both have their own ulterior motives for fighting that are each legitimate. Red Garden really packs on the drama with having the main characters not only have to deal with fighting as "Dead Girls" but each character also has either a complicated family life or a stressful school life that really gives this series two plots in one. You might not love this series for its slow pacing and outdated animation but you'll love Red Garden for its great storytelling and the exciting drama. I suggest watching the ova after you're done watching the full series as it clears up a few things that weren't fully explained in the series.

8.8/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
9.6/10 characters
8.4/10 overall

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