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Mar 27, 2013

As a follow up to my post on the second season of the Freezing anime, I told you I was going to do a review on this series. To emphasize, this review is about the manhwa, not the 12 episode anime. Freezing is set in a world where beings known as the Nova are attacking Earth and attempting to wipe out the human race. In response, humans have taken certain crystals from that are similar to that of the Nova's body called Stigmata which are implanted in the bodies of teen girls. These girls are called Pandoras and when Stigmata are implanted, they gain super human abilities and also have the power to materialize weapons at will. Beside each girl is a young man called a Limiter who's only ability is to freeze and momentarily paralyze their opponent. Freezing centers around a Pandora named Bridgette L. Sattelizer and a Limiter named Kazuya Aoi. Kazuya is the younger brother of the greatest Pandora ever and he supposed to have some sort of special power but after more then 120 chapters, that special ability has NEVER been touched on. Bridgette carries the hero's Stigmata (Kazuya's older sister) and is known as the "Untouchable Queen" because of how violent she becomes when someone attempts to touch her. Turns out, she acts that way because of a very traumatizing child hood which led to an intense case of haphephobia. Eventually the two of them become closer and the story begins to develop into a romance (well kind of). Throughout the series, the Pandoras risk their lives fighting against the Nova and sometimes each other. There is never a single chapter in this manhwa that doesn't have a panty shot, boob slip, or a scene of torn clothes. You've got chicks ripping each other clothes off while beating the living hell out of each other. I swear, you've got to either be a sadist or masochist to pick Pandora as a career choice. The romance in Freezing is sub par, the action and fight scenes are great but I feel that the important matters are being left behind. 120 chapters have already been translated and there is still nothing about Kazuya's special potential as a Limiter or any information about what the Nova are or what they want. Since this manhwa was by Dall-Young Lim, the S&M was pretty much expected but since he was also responsible for Re:BIRTH The Lunatic Taker, I was honestly expecting a good story that paid attention to what matters were mentioned early on. Not to say that Freezing is a bad manhwa but it just got a bit off track really. I think Freezing is worth reading anyway, after all Freezing really seems to be one of those manhwa that just seems to keep you coming back. 

7/10 story
8.5/10 art
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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