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[email protected] is definitely an under appreciated anime, but I can't really blame some of the viewers that decided to drop this after the first few episodes. During the first two, three episodes, [email protected] was nothing but pure confusion and all you really thought while watching it was "what the fuck is this?!" After you get past episode three, everything really falls into place and you are given a touching, funny and overall intriguing story that you just can't look away from. [email protected] is about a young hikikomori named Sasami who spends most of her time sleeping and playing video games. She lives with her older brother who NEVER shows his face and also has a sister complex (if you know what I mean). The entire anime is centered around Japanese gods with every character being related to some part of Japanese mythology so those who may not know much about Japanese deities may actually want to skip this show. Sasami carries the power of the Japanese god, Amaterasu which was passed down through her family and because of this, she also carries the responsibility of keeping the world intact. Eventually, Sasami with the help of her brother leave their shrine, no longer wanting to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. The cast also includes a set of sisters which is Amaterasu herself and her "two sisters" who are actually like recreated clones of her. The three of them are named after the three Imperial Regalia of Japan. Over the course of the series Sasami is confronted by her mother who wishes to push Sasami into accepting her responsibility as a shrine maiden and embracing the powers of Amaterasu. Sasami, being the hikikomori that she is, doesn't want any of it but overtime she begins to accept her fate. [email protected] is a great anime with a compelling drama shrouded in the wonders of Japanese mythology. With every character in the series, your first impression of them will definitely change by the end of it all. Don't let the first three episodes summarize the entire show, I promise you that the other episodes afterward will explain everything in full detail, allowing you to keep pace with every wild and crazy event that happens in this anime. [email protected] contains a number of funny scenes but this anime is meant to be more of a drama centered on a young girl who is forced to carry a responsibility that should of never been imposed on a human being, let alone a little girl.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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Kimuere Apr 24, 2013

nice review man. first 3 eps should be seen while high cause theyre fuking random and cool.  

saltednuts Mar 27, 2013

I was put off from watching it at first when I saw the 2.5 stars. But then I thought.. it's Shaft! Something must be wrong here.. Now that I'm 11 episodes in, I'm not thrilled that the next episode is the last. Truly an underrated series. Shaft never fails to make a beautiful mess. 

goodycandy741 Mar 26, 2013

I'll trust your judgment about the first-three-episodes-thing for now because I just got through the second episode and have been thinking, "WTF am I watching?" the whole time......... I'm trusting you!