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Dec 27, 2012

Story: (50/100) As you can guess from the title, I was expecting [K] to be the best anime this season for sure, but I just can't agree with my old self after seeing the whole series. Before you go off on me attempting to prove how my review is crap, just read the whole post first and then post your response. Just about everything this series has was perfect except for the essential and most important piece which was the story or more importantly, how the story proceeded from episode 1 to 13. I loved just about everything about this show including the animation, the music, the fight scenes, each and every character, but there were just too many sidestories to keep me entirely interested. The plot was to prove that Yashiro's was innocent of murdering Totsuka and to stop the Colorless King from causing chaos amongst the other Kings. The only real problem with this series was that there was more time spent on side stories than solving Yashiro's case. There were just pieces in each episode that were entirely unneeded and having unneeded material for a show that's only 13 episodes long can really ruin it. The time spent on these side stories could of probably shaved two or three episodes off of the entire series. Even the part of the series that is actually sticking to the plot is somewhat confusing and doesn't really come toegther until the last two or three episodes. All in all, [K]'s story is a jumbled heap of madness but a visually entertaining heap of maddness. 

Animation: (92/100) As stated, GoHands pulls out all the stops when it comes to animation and their art work is just as great if not better than Production I.G and Kyoto Animation. Fluid mvements, shading, camera angles and definitely the lighting are all on point and they look amazing during fight scenes. The best scene in [K] for one to really appreciate GoHands' animation skills is Misaki's skateboarding scene where he is chasing Yashiro. Beautiful! 

Music & Sound: (92/100) Mikio Endo, my second favorite composer (second to Hiroyuki Sawano) does an amazing job. [K]'s sundtrack is two CDs and the music is a combination of hip-hop, jazz and a couple of electric synths that create an amazing and unforgettable soundtrack. The character songs match their respective character perfectly and I sugest you go out and buy the OSTs yourself and if not, they're already on Youtube anyway. 

Characters: (78/100) The back story behind some of the characters of this show were never explained at all for some reason. For example, the relationship between Reisi and Mikoto as it seems they have a pretty deep history with one-another, another being Anna who is a COMPLETE mystery and how, when and why did Fushimi abandon Homura to become a member of SCEPTER4? Never managed to find an answer to these things and those side stories could of been used to explain these relationships. The rest of the cast however are a pretty unique bunch, each having there own puporse and these puporses end up causing them to cross each other's path. Needless to say, I couldn't imagine [K] without the cast it has. If any of the members from the main and secondary cast were gone, this series would certainly be different in some way, shape or form.

Overall Entertainment: (78/100) Now I'm not attempting to say that this show is crap or anything like that, its pretty far from being crap and I recommend anyone looking for a good action anime to go see [K]. What I'm simply saying is that overall this show didn't really meet the expectations of what was given from the PVs and the massive amount of promotional advertisement shelved out for [K] seems to have went to it's music and animation production. Don't expect a strong and mesmerizing story though.

5/10 story
9.2/10 animation
9.2/10 sound
7.8/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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