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Chu2Koi Ren Ep 11: Search For The Dark Flame Dragon

29 MAR

Seeing Satone in tears, Yuuta has finally figured out that she's in love with him but instead of chasing after her, he has to take care of Rikka who h... read more

Wizard Barristers Ep 10: The Followers of Labone

20 MAR

As Cecil and Kiba manage to escape Shimuzu for a little while, Cecil questions who she should really trust and eventually decides to run away from Kib... read more

Chu2Koi Ren Ep 10: The Devil Girl's Love-Sickness

16 MAR

Well, finally we get an actual Satone focused episode and it is great but also saddening. Poor Satone honestly believed she can overcome the pain of b... read more

Wizard Barristers Ep 9: Six Years Ago on That Faithful Day

13 MAR

This week opens with the story of how Cecil's mother; Megumi Sudo was sent to prison. Megumi was attempting to rush Cecil to the hospital after she wa... read more

Chu2Koi Ren Ep 9: Renewing the Contract and the Tyrant's Eye 2.0

12 MAR

This week is an obligatory beach episode and everyone is invited including Satone and Kuzuha. Everyone is hired to work at Kumin's aunt's beach-side r... read more