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D-Frag, Green Lit For Anime Adaptation


The gag manga, D-Fragments has just received an anime adaptation and I'm curious to say the least. D-Frag has actually been on my want to read list for quite some time now I never got around to reading it. D-Frag centers around a notorious delinquent named Kazama Kenji, who is semi-forced into a Game Production Club but the club consist of some fairly strange girls. The club is currently made up of four girls (one is the advisor) who "possess the powers" of fire, ground, water and lightening. The premise already reminds of Haganai except that D-Frag's main character is an actual delinquent. I'm not exactly excited but I'm definitely curious about this series. I'm pretty big on gag series and the majority of what I've read about D-Frag is positive so I'll watch it. There's currently no other information about the anime adaptation but I'll make sure to update this post when there is.

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