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  • Day Break Illusion Ep 1: What's in Your Future?

Day Break Illusion Ep 1: What's in Your Future?


Day Break Illusion, the newest addition to the Dark Magical Girl genre starts off relatively average. I like the opening and the premise for this series but will it be able to be as succesful as it's predecessor in building a new subgenre in the Magical Girl world? Akari's voice is kind of annoying but expected of such a series and I don't mind the animation at all but the battle scenes can become a little confusing to follow. I'm intereted in the death of Akari'smother as it seems that she too was a magical girl. READ MORE.


LinkSword avatar LinkSword
Jul 6, 2013

I found the first episode to be interesting AND pretty great, rather than average. It was a really solid, gripping introduction to the show that didn't spoonfeed us the information and had some pretty unsettling dark undertones.But I do share your worry about the anime being able to keep that up. It could easily go down a pretty mediocre path as soon as we get how the world mostly works and what the enemy of the magical girls is exactly like, if they don't manage to make either of these engaging enough.Surprisingly, I didn't find Akari or her voice annoying at all, and I am rather ''sensitive'' when it comes to these cheerful, hyper loli girls and their cheerful, hyper shrieks. She was actually a pretty endearing little kid as far as I'm concerned.So far it's the pleasant surprise of the season for me, and the best premiere out of the four shows I've sampled. 

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