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Gargantia Ep 13: The Path to Peace.


Even though, I was frustrated with many parts of this series, it eventually came down to a really great conclusion. I have no actual complaints about this episode. I like Chamber's little conversion some AI to human in this episode, removing Ledo from the cockpit in order to save him and then go off to fight Striker on his own. Striker proclaiming herself as God while Kugel's fleet were her "followers" was actually kind of similar to religion in today's society. This episode was written by Urobuchi personally so I'm not surprised to find some kind of real world connection being played here.

Striker and her tactics are similar in a way to modern organized religion. Priest (Striker) speak the word of "God" to their followers (Kugel's fleet) to follow without question in order to obtain peace within their lives. Not to make religion sound as bad as Striker's world view but you get the idea and see how their similar. This episode was great but overall, this series is subpar. I'll explain later on in an upcoming review.


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