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Sword Art Online airs 7/27/2013

28 JUN

As many were already aware of, Toonami will be adding Sword Art Online to it's lineup this Summer but today we were given an actual date. I was surprised to learn that is was July 27th, 2013 because I could of sworn that they stated it was going to air in August. Either way I'm glad to hear an update and to my surprise, Sword Art Online isn't the only edition. Thunder Cats and Sym-Bionic Titan are finally being replaced. Their replacements will be Sword Art Online and the second season of Big O, a true classic.  Sadly, with Sword Art Online being given the 2AM slot, yet again Eureka 7 is pushed back which is slightly annoying but understandable since it's nearing it's conclusion and we need to give the new shows some time to shine.


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