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Attack on Titan Ep 12: Time to Wake up Eren.

23 JUN

A decent episode but one that was dragged out more than it needed to be. If you haven't read the manga, you'll be surprised to learn that they haven't actually put any filler in, everything is going according to the original manga. Sometimes being slow and steady doesn't actually win the race but I'm still enjoying this series nonetheless. The typical speech of "Fight till your dying breath", "never give up" and "have faith" are given in every episode and I think we get the point already. What was interesting about this episode though was the impact of Titan transformation on Eren which is still a mystery at this point. READ MORE.

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GekoHayate avatar GekoHayate
Jun 28, 2013

There are several instances of "filler" (Jean's appearence in ep.12, some of ep.2, Pixis's introduction etc.) although it isn't what most would think of when hearing filler.

These scenes serve to better construct the world for the viewer's understanding, such as introducing a major charcater and hint at his personality earlier in the series so he isn't just dropped into his role out of the blue.  They also add more to build the world.

Every extra scene (as of ep.12) has some relevance to the main plot, and as a manga reader I actually enjoy these discovering these extras alongside the anime-only viewers.  We aren't seeing the second cousin twiced removed of generic Garrison guard #40127451 delivering the mail or rescuing kittens from trees while being on the complete opposite side of Humanity's territory.

Whoever is writing and directing these extras really understands the series and I wouldn't be surprised if Hajime-dono himself (The creator of AoT) was writing these to directly supplement the source material.  That is how relevant these extras are.

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