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  • Attack on Titan Ep 11: Would You Die to Save Humanity

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Attack on Titan Ep 11: Would You Die to Save Humanity

18 JUN

This week, Eren has to regain the Garrison's trust by taking on an incredibly difficult and dangerous mission. He's tasked with going into his Titan form and moving a giant boulder to close the hole in the Trost district's entrance. The plan is ready to move forward and some soldiers are reluctant to carry out the plan as it requires them to support a Titan-Shifter (Eren). The bigger problem at hand is not the plan itself but whether or not the other soldiers will support it. Pixis makes up a idea to get the rest of the military to support Eren by stating that his Titan-shifting powers are the result of a military project. Even after doing so, a large number of soldiers turn away, attempting to abandon their positions but one last statement by Commander Pixis manages to persuade them to come back. READ MORE.

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