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  • Gargantia Ep 10: Why Does it Matter Who The Enemy is?

Gargantia Ep 10: Why Does it Matter Who The Enemy is?

10 JUN

I enjoyed this episode somewhat but all of the logical errors in this episode was too much for me to just ignore. Of course Pinion's little announcement which I will get to later but also Ledo's problem with killing the Hideauze and the pirate thing. I don't really understand how Ledo has such a problem with killing Hideauze after what he did to those pirates earlier on in the series. He just obliterated those guys in seconds without even thinking about yet he ends up traumatized by the killing of his main enemies.

Maybe I just don't understand psychology enough or something but still, it just seems kind of stupid to me. Now onto the pirate thing. What the heck man? These people were just shooting at you and after they surrender, you all of sudden allow them to become members of your crew. This wasn't some damn paintball game where everyone becomes friends at the end, this was a freaking battle to the death and all of that was just forgiven in a single moment. That's bull.



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