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WataMote's First PV


So many months have passed since the announcement of the anime adaptation with no information but we finally get a PV. WataMote's first PV and cast have finally being revealed. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to this series the most this season along side the new Rozen Maiden. I wrote a small review of WataMote a long time ago when I was first started this blog and considered it funny, saddening and kind of telling. I still carry the same sentiment about this that I did back then. This PV only makes me love this series that much more, not only because it really spruces up the art work but I'm loving the voice actor for Tomoko. Izumi Kitta is her name and she will be the voice actor for WataMote's main character, Tomoko Kuroki as well as the singer for the series' ending song (The song playing in the PV). The song is called "Do Kanagaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai" (No Matter How You Think About it, I'm Not Wrong). READ MORE.


kio3459 avatar kio3459
Jun 8, 2013

This has to be my most anticipated anime coming out... Since I don’t read manga , I only know just enough to know that I’m going to absolutely love this anime (I love quirky/weird girls!).  I  read in your blog that its not too popluar in Japan.. That is strange.  You would think that all the otakus would really dig this. 

The question is, am I going to watch it while its airing or just wait until it wraps up so I can marathon it!  Either way I super stoked for this..

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