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Gargantia Ep 9: The Truth About The Hideauze.


Gargantia brought one hell of an episode this week. We finally learn what the Hideauze truly are and why they have been fighting against the Galactic Alliance for so long. Ledo and Chamber finally make there way to the Hideauze nest where they are bombarded by a massive hoard of Hideauze. Thankfully, the Earth born Hideauze are extremely weak compared to their space born counterparts due to the fact that they aren't used to fighting. Chamber makes quick work of them and heads directly for the nest where he and Ledo stumble upon young Hideauze in development. Something seems extremely off about the young Hideauze but before we know what, Chamber annihilates them all. In the process of doing so, Ledo comes across a series of secret data that gives him a glimpse into how the Hideauze came to be and let's say this new found information makes you rethink your feelings towards the Hideauze.



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