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BlazBlue The Anime!

18 MAY

Well folks, ask and you shall receive. There have been thousands of people that have always wanted the BlazBlue video game to be turned into an anime. BlazBlu originally started out as an arcade game in 2008 but over the years has received a full console editions and even two novels. It's currently unknown as to which studio will have the lucky honor of animating this hit series. An animated series of BlazBlue is bound to rake in the ratings and some real dough. The anime will basically be your typical shounen action series and I'm expecting it to end up like most video games turned anime series, not very good. Than again, I could be wrong after all, there's no information on who the staff are. Well, I'm kinda looking forward to this but really more so to seeing an animated Taokaka. Her and Kaka race are my favorite of the series. 

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