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  • Attack on Titan Ep 6: Bonds Built From Survival

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Attack on Titan Ep 6: Bonds Built From Survival

12 MAY

This week, we return to the battlefield where Armin is in shock over Eren's death and the rest of the trainees are being killed one after another. The battlefield is riddled with half eaten corpses of the soldiers and the titans continue their rampage as the civilians attempt to flee. After Mikasa gets done being a badass and all, we run into our first flashback of the series. Normally flashbacks aren't very welcomed in most anime but Attack on Titan actually has a pretty good flashback. As many already know, Mikasa and Eren are not blood related and this flashback tells us how she came to living with Eren's family. Mikasa was kidnapped after her parents were murdered but thankfully Eren comes to her rescue before anything happens. Even at a young age, Eren proves himself worthy of the title of badass and these kidnappers learn that the hard way. READ MORE.

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