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Tokyo ESP Anime Has Been Green Lit!


      The after school supernatural action manga Tokyo ESP has just been green lit for an anime adaptation and that's pretty damn awesome. Tokyo ESP hasn't even gotten to chapter 30 yet so I thought that this wouldn't receive an anime for at least another six months. Nonetheless, I'm happy to hear that this crazy series is getting an anime. Tokyo ESP is brought to us by Hajime Segawa, the same guy responsible for the Ga-Rei series. Believe it or not but Ga-Rei was actually made after Hajime started brainstorming on Tokyo ESP so the series share a little bit in common. Just for the record though, these two series are not set in the same universe.

       Tokyo ESP is about a albino named Rinka Urushiba who lives a relatively normal high school life although she is a bit poor. She lives with her father and works part time as a waitress to help pay for expenses at home. One day after school, she sees a flying penguin and fish swimming through the air. At first she thought she was hallucinating but there was another person near by who saw the whole thing. When she came in physical contact with one of the fish, she passed out and when she woke up, she gained the ability to phase through objects (Intangibility, Phasing, Ghosting.etc..). She meets a fellow student who has the ability to Teleport and with him, the two become superheroes saving the town from other people who use their superpowers for evil. The problem is that their is a larger organization that is comprised of powerful ESP users who have some big plans in store.

       Tokyo ESP is like a Japanese style story of a Marvel comic book but a lot more interesting. There is currently no premiere date but I'm guessing it will either be the 2013 Fall Season or the 2014 Winter Season. I stated earlier this year that 2013 is really looking like a good year for anime and by now, I think you would agree as well. 

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