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Gargantia Ep 3: Learning Not to Spill Blood

24 APR

Sorry for the late post on this episode but I was attending another NJIT Hype it Up Tournament. Needless to say I lost in the only game I had some skill in (Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3). On to episode 3. Taken off where we left, with Ledo annihilating the pirates and rescuing Bellows and her crew. Sure enough, after seeing Ledo and Chamber's power the residents of Gargantia are scared shitless by them. I don't see what's wrong, after all they're the ones who asked for Ledo's help and they never specified that they didn't want the pirates dead so what's the big deal? Well apparently, they believe that no one should kill another person even if they're about to be killed by that person. Seems completely illogical to me but whatever. READ MORE.

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