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An anime nerd, that possibly like most of you, got their start on Toonami. I remember hurrying up to finish my homework so I could watch some anime that still remains a classic in my head (Gundam Wing, DBZ, The Tenchi Series).

Though anime may be my medium, mechas and model kits are my game. I have spent many drunken nights with my craft knife cutting out little plastic nubs and stick them all to together (and concidentally I've also spent many hungover mornings bandaging up fingers).

My personal tastes you can see on the sides but don't let that list decieve you, I'll watch and review anything (except sports anime, just don't get them. Rather watch real sports and that has plenty of drama with it).

As for my OAL (Outside anime life), I do alot of sciency things. I think thats why I enjoy anime so much, as I have no artistic ability at all so I life through others. Ok this is rambling let me share a recipe for delicious strawberry cheesecake pumpkin pie...Zzzzzz. Hope this was as fun to read as it was to write. Feel free to message and get to know me more if you want.

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cronus7 Jul 15, 2012

I (I'd like to) think that I'd watch just about anything too, but I don't like some of the 'darker' shows.