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emm..^^' eh i'm not the best at this profile describing thing buut i love anime you can count on that ^^..well i think you whould've already figured that out since im here but anywaysif you have any questions please ask me ill be happy to tell you what i know =3

other sites you might find me on:

and lots of other places =3

oh right i'm a girl in case youre wondering heh X3 i forget to put these kind of things ><

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What?! No manga ratings?

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DeDaan says...

Awesome avatar, Kingdom Hearts is really awesome

Nov 21, 2010
MindxAssassin says...

Its really fun the mutiplayer is the best part, the story is pretty solid overall i'd give it a 8.5

Apr 26, 2009
MindxAssassin says...

ohh i love kingdom hearts and i like pokemon too the latest game iam playing is FF:Echos of Time

Apr 17, 2009
Sasukefanx12 says...

Yeah, they like got one of their hot air balloons and somehow lifted the hospital. And I don't even think any pokemon were in it, I think it was just mainly potions. But then Pikachu like zapped the balloon or sumthin (how original right?)and somehow when it fell, the hospital wasn't really wrecked.

Yeah my dad lost his ruby a few years ago, it had his beloved lvl.100 Linoone in it lol

Apr 9, 2009
MindxAssassin says...

Its not bad its really quite enjoyable, I know what you mean school getting in the the way of whats really important. What games are you playing right now?

Apr 7, 2009