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semai says...

If u think there is no point in watching Fma B after Fma there is obviously something wring with you. Because even If you dont like it, Fma B adds alot more things then Fma. Also saying 'funny is this an official review' or something, wtf? You put 2 sentences here and say 7/10 uh huh?

Jan 25, 2015
cassiesheepgirl says...

Wow. Just wow. Apparently I was giving you too much credit. To judge a review purely on score without even reading it, then going on to attack the one who wrote it. Dude. You've just given me the best laugh I've had in MONTHS!

Jun 27, 2013
cassiesheepgirl says...

If you'd actually bothered to read my review of Bleach, you'd realise that it was an April Fools joke and was not in the least bit serious (protip, do your research first). As for Law of Ueki, it wasn't super brilliant, but it had its good points as well as its bad, hence the slightly above average score.

As for not being able to understand Colorful purely because of my sex, all i can say is come out of your cave for a while. For all you know, I could be gay and have that same sexual drive for women. I'm not and I don't, But I am perfectly capable of understanding sexual desire/obsession.

I stand by the points I made about lack of variety, even within the panty jokes. By all means feel free to disagree with my opinion. if you honestly thought there was great variety in the jokes and that they were hilarious, that the animation, sound and characters were superb, the great! You like the show? Fine! I have no issue with that. I have zero issue with you disagreeing with me - we're all entitled to an opinion. What I DO have issue with is you attacking my writing because I'm a woman. That just comes across as sexist. Your only argument against my review is: 'You're a chick and thus are incapable of reviewing it', and I have PLENTY of issue with that. I am perfectly capable of understanding what makes a good anime and what doesn't, even if I personally don't fully appreciate the general content.

If you want to make a decent argument for why Colorful deserves a better score, then, you know, give a proper well-reasoned response. Don't just attempt to demean my writing because I'm female and tell me that I have shit taste, because that just makes you seem like a kid that's spitting the dummy because his favourite show got trashed.

Argue against the actual content, don't just launch a personal attack on the person who wrote it.

Jun 27, 2013
cassiesheepgirl says...

Thank you for your ever so insightful comment on my review of Colorful.

I am however aware that this show is aimed at guys, but even so, that doesn't mean that it can lack variety in it's 'plot' or humour. I may be lacking a dangling piece of flesh between my legs but I do appreciate 'guy humour' and I certainly won't settle for something that relies on one single plot device/gag without attempting to go improve on it or go further.

Jun 21, 2013
smilieface23 says...

Regarding your comment of my review of Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru:

"4/10? no need to read your review, you must be someone out of the target audience. Plus, you went all the way writiing a review about an anime you didnt like. If you didn't like it you should have dropped it, simple as that. Well everyone has an hating day from time to time. Still be ashamed."

First: If you had no need to read my review because I only rated it 4/10, why did you bother to take the time to comment?

Second: What exactly is the target audience for this show?  Crunchyroll listed it as shoujo, and I'm female; I'm not just not a fan of a harem ending!

Third: If people only reviewed things they liked, we would have even more bias in reviews; sometimes it's important to write about the things you didn't like.

Fourth: If you had read my review, you would notice that I liked the show well enough up until the last 9 minutes.  Therefore, it doesn't really make sense to say that if I didn't like it I should've dropped it.  For me, the ending of a show can often make-it or break-it for me. 

Lastly: "Still be ashamed."  That's rather harsh, you didn't even use a passive tone like, "Still, you should be ashamed".  Or even substituting the word "feel" for "be" would be less harsh.  However, since you put it so strongly, I feel the need to tell you, "I will not be ashamed!"  I disclosed in the opening paragraph of my review the flaws I know it has!  I know it was a biased, reactionary review, but like I also said in that paragraph, I believe sometimes that kind of review is good.  It's the kind of review that if I were to read it having not watched this series, would allow me to reasonably decide to NOT watch the series at all.  Therefore, I have no reason to be ashamed.

In closing, I wish I could thank you for taking the time to read my review, even if you disagreed with my opinion, but since you didn't read it I can't.

Apr 11, 2013